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Dwight Featured

Dwight’s Den

// 9.25.14

Here’s another collaboration with our friends of at BL Visuals. The background is a hand painted tapestry…

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Gentle Jelly

// 9.17.14

The gentlest of jellies. The latest in a series of jellyfish I come back to every now and again. It’s crazy how…

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Intangible Timeline

// 7.8.14

Time is funny, it seems to speed up and slow down everyday, an hour can seem like 15 if you’re bored, or 3 sec if you’re…

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Riff Raffe_featured

Riff Raffe

// 5.13.14

This one was super fun to work on, and even more fun finding a name for. One of the great things about social…

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Happy Accidents

// 5.1.14

This is a live painting done at Sweetwater 420 Fest in Atlanta. Had some great times down there and met too many awesome people…

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Lost in Limbo

// 4.1.14

A recent collaboration with BLVisuals Who hooked up the background for this tripped out Waldo Painting…

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